Estate Files, Eastern Cape, 1962 (Surnames A - G)

The original 1962 Eastern Cape estate files are housed at the Master's Office in Grahamstown. MASTERS GHT

Online images of the 1962 files are available to view on  These images have not, as yet, been indexed by the familysearch indexing project.

The images can be viewed on the familysearch site as part of the collection : "South Africa, Eastern Cape, Estate Files 1962 - 2004" . Click on the folder "1962"

The following index is a collaboration between Gwyneth Thomas (GT) and Leanne Starkey (LS).   Please feel free to mail any corrections or additions to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

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File Nr. SURNAME , Forename/s MAIDEN SURNAME, place of birth, FORMER SURNAME Indexer
1587 ABADER, Moganat GT
1727 ABBEY, George GT
557 ABDO, George LS
460 ABRAHAMS, Martiens LS
666 ACKERMAN, Hester Anna born DU PREEZ LS
667 ACKERMAN, Thomas Lodewyk LS
1118 ACKERMANN, Andries Hendrik GT
2018 ADAM, Jainub born NABIE BUX LS
10 ADAMS, James Kenway LS
782 ADAMS, Klaas LS
2603 ADAMS, Schlammert LS
1981 ADDISON, Norman George LS
1373 ADDLESON, Jessie born INYOL GT
2288 ADKINS, Charles Henry LS
2485 ADKINS, Hector Ernest born in Ely, England LS
1883 AFRICA, Johannes John William LS
2675 AGHERDIEN, Madeaha born JACOBS formerly BARDIEN LS
1559 AHLSCHLAGER, Eduard Christian Friedrich GT
2021 AID, Elizabeth born PILCHER LS
2468 AIKEN, Grace Winifred born CALVERT LS
1956 ALBERTS, Jacobus Johannes Ernest LS
1571 ALEXANDER, Mary Ann born MALCOLM GT
2092 ALGAR, Hester Aileen born DE VILLIERS formerly GEYER LS
1456 ALGIE, John Livingstone GT
1478 ALLAN, Olga Mona born DAHL GT
2100 ALLAN, William Gavin LS
1443 ALLEN, Ethel May born LOCK GT
1590 ALLEN, Mabel Winifred born STANTON GT
1261 ALLIE, Daphne Henrietta born HENDRICKS GT
2385 ALSTON, Edward born in England LS
564 ALTMANN, Hester Christina born DU PREEZ LS
36 ANDERSON, Berthold Kayser LS
284 ANDERSON, Katherine Agnes born WANN LS
1004 ANDERSON, Robert GT
1485 ANDRE, Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand GT
879 ANGOVE, Pendarves Reynolds GT
2728 ANNANDALE, Anna Maria Elizabeth born VAN NIEKERK LS
2463 ANNANDALE, Willem Pieter Johannes LS
2678 ANOLICK, Ester LS
1737 ANTHONY, Susan GT
1543 APPEL, Catherine Hannah born SPRING GT
1642 APPEL, Rhoda Ann born DE MEILLON formerly PEGG GT
1871 ARMITAGE, Frank Wolseley born in London, England LS
549 ARMOED, Johanna LS
62 ARMSTRONG, Gladys Edith born CALDECOTT LS
458 ARMSTRONG, Sarah Emma LS
121 ARMSTRONG, Trevor Mervyn LS
1444 ARNOLD, Jessie Wainwright born EDWARDS GT
2478 ARRIES, Lydia born KOONEBURG LS
1334 ARRIES, Maria GT
2389 ASHWELL, Winston William LS
2379 ASSAM, Henry Solomon LS
2689 ATHERSTONE, Norman Charles LS
2529 ATKINSON, Jessie Deacon LS
1139 ATKINSON, John Jepson GT
2273 AUCAMP, Izak Jacobus LS
2155 AUGUST, Richard LS
1315 BAARTMAN, Klaas GT
2336 BAARTMAN, Spandiel LS
613 BAARTMAN, Wellington LS
1018 BAATJES, Ulrich John GT
773 BABOO, Gadija LS
162 BADENHORST, Corenlius Petrus Lourence LS
2589 BADENHORST, Pieter Andries LS
1786 BADIER, Cecil Gaston LS
696 BAHLMANN, Carl Rose LS
701 BAHOLO, Annie - intestate [no DN or will] LS
749 BAILES, Robert LS
1942 BAILEY, Herbert Demont LS
2250 BAIN, Annie Christina Jane born SWINTON in Fife, Scotland LS
2635 BAKER, Ethel Kyte LS
1586 BALDWIN, Frederick Graham GT
1860 BALLACK, Hugo LS
811 BALLANTYNE, Benjamin Amm GT
2557 BALLINGER, Frederick Thomas LS
2378 BALLOT, Gladys Evelyn born GAYLARD LS
1472 BAM, Elias Carel GT
2126 BAMBO, David Kannas LS
177 BANTOM, Gertrude born LUBBE LS
405 BARHAM, Frank LS
2333 BARKER, John Alfred LS
45 BARKER, Robert Henry LS
774 BARKHUIZEN, Daniel Jacobus LS
2632 BARKHUIZEN, Isabella Elizabeth born ELS LS
274 BARKHUIZEN, Jacoba Johanna Maria born BOUWER LS
93 BARNARD, Adam Johannes LS
1921 BARNARD, Cornelius Johannes Smit LS
537 BARNARD, Gideon Johanna Scheepers LS
2359 BARNARD, Hendrik Johannes Stephanus LS
2186 BARNARD, Hendrik Mathys Stephanus LS
1149 BARNARD, Jacobus Stephanus GT
2357 BARNARD, Janetta Maria Magdalena born VAN TONDER LS
2659 BARNARD, Johannes Marthinus Philippus LS
1108 BARNARD, John Henry GT
438 BARNARD, Magritha Gertruida born ANNANDALE, formerly ROETS LS
986 BARNASCHONE, Arnold Ernest Harvey GT
1683 BARNES, Bertha Eliza GT
1466 BARNES, Cyril Joseph GT
518 BARNES, Maria Margaret born KRUGER LS
2264 BARNES, Robert Stannard LS
1290 BARNES, Roland Reginald GT
2460 BARRINGTON, William Henry born in Somerset, England LS
818 BARRY, Maria Elizabeth Johanna born LOUW GT
1092 BARRY, Stanislaus Joseph GT
709 BARTLETT, Archibald John LS
781 BARTLETT, Ruby Gibbens born BROWN LS
1552 BARTLETT, William Willie GT
1078 BARTOSCH, Ignatz GT
1604 BASSON, Benjamin GT
1377 BASSON, Johannes Hendrik GT
716 BASSON, Willem Diederiks LS
2670 BATEMAN, Norman Alexander [no Death Notice] LS
1531 BATES, Rosa Ethel born SHAW GT
1304 BAUER, Alfed Wilhelm GT
2614 BAUER, Richard LS
2447 BAUM, Mary born BOWER formerly CORYNDON-BAKER LS
291 BAXTER, Henry LS
2649 BEAL, Dorothy Marie born HAEBSH LS
2545 BEAMISH, Kathleen Maylaine LS
2318 BEAN, Guy Pakenham LS
561 BECK, Magdalena van Eck born HERSELMAN LS
753 BECKER, Gustav Augut Otto LS
2 BECKER, Hermann Julius LS
2700 BECKER, Matilda Henrietta Louisa born KLOSE LS
1318 BECKER, William Theodor GT
2328 BECKETT, Alice Matilda born THOMAS LS
2238 BECKFORD, Charles William LS
2362 BEKKER, Frans Wepener LS
2597 BEKKER, Jacobus Johannes Albertus LS
406 BEKKER, Johannes Stephanus Albertus LS
1643 BEKKER, Susanna Elizabeth born SCHMIDT GT
1759 BEKKER, Susanna Elizabeth Magrietha born ERASMUS GT
257 BELL, Mabel Somerset LS
962 BELL, Nicholas GT
140 BENJAMIN, Ronald Desmond LS
216 BENNIN, Arthur Owen LS
1893 BENSON, Nancy Jane born DAY LS
1649 BENTLEY, Emily Kate born HONEY GT
2636 BERNDT, Auguste Emilie or Emilia born RAASCH LS
841 BERNDT, Eduard August Hugo GT
522 BERNDT, Franz Carl LS
524 BERNDT, Hermann Gottfried Wilhelm LS
2007 BERNING, Johanna Wilhelmina LS
930 BESSINGER, Gordon Melville GT
180 BESSINGER, Pieter Hendrik Schalk LS
126 BEST, Grace Frances Violet LS
813 BESTER, Andries Johannes GT
493 BESTER, Frans Stefanus Hendrik LS
2491 BESTER, Jane Eliza Catherine born WELGEMOED LS
742 BESTER, Justina Engelina born LANGENEGGER LS
639 BEZUIDENHOUT, Catarina Maria born GERBER LS
1326 BEZUIDENHOUT, Gert Pieter GT
643 BEZUIDENHOUT, Johannes Christoffel Landman LS
515 BEZUIDENHOUT, Maria Catharina born BOTHA LS
685 BEZUIDENHOUT, Maria Susanna LS
629 BEZUIDENHOUT, Pieter Christoffel Faber LS
684 BEZUIDENHOUT, Stephanus Petrus LS
259 BEZUIDENHOUT, William John LS
245 BICHARD, Wilfred Arthur [Salisbury Estate file 594/61] LS
1430 BIKA, November GT
982 BILSON, Christina Elizabeth born VAN DER WALT GT
1996 BINEDELL, Hendry Arthur LS
2436 BIRCH, Eustace John LS
2039 BIRCH, Sydney LS
1014 BIRKHOLTZ, Friedrich Michael GT
789 BIRKHOLTZ, Rudolph GT
659 BLACK, Catherine Elizabeth born FERGUSON LS
895 BLACKBEARD, Edwin Gilbert GT
663 BLAINE - court order, land transfer to George Langford BLAINE LS
1861 BLAKEMORE, Arthur James LS
1979 BLANCK, Louise Audrey born MILLS LS
29 BLEASDALE, Herbert Frederick LS
565 BLIGNAULT, Joseph Perry King LS
2154 BLOEM, Esau John LS
1703 BLOM, Louis Daniel GT
1735 BLUEMEL, Egon GT
631 BLUME, Arnold Bernard LS
717 BOB, Noal Michael LS
1022 BODE, Thelma Doreen born GOTZE GT
56 BODILL, Joseph Tilbrook [no Death Notice] LS
581 BODMER, Ronald William LS
1641 BOLTON, Audrey May GT
2231 BOND, George William born in Northhampton, England LS
2096 BONNY, Cornelia Christina born HORN LS
2522 BOOTH, Laura Grace born DENHOLM LS
1570 BOOTH, Nellie born MAY GT
2191 BOOTY, Emily born GITTINS LS
2117 BOOYSEN, Dorothy born SMITH in Yorkshire, UK LS
1578 BOOYSEN, Jacoba Isabella GT
3 BOOYSEN, Martha Johanna born VAN HEERDEN LS
1500 BORCHERS, Maria Josephine Ida born HENKEL GT
862 BORN, Leslie George GT
119 BOSCH, Helena Petronella born DU PLESSIS LS
916 BOSCH, Johannes Hermanus GT
1020 BOSCH, Marthinus Casparus GT
2241 BOSHOFF, Martinus Christoffel LS
472 BOSMAN, Helena Elizabeth born VORSTER LS
765 BOSTOCK, Howard Robert LS
2280 BOSWALL, David William born in Edinburgh, Scotland LS
973 BOTHA, Abraham Lodewicus GT
1882 BOTHA, Albertus Philippus LS
2244 BOTHA, Alice Martha born VAN NIEKERK LS
1272 BOTHA, Elizabeth Carolina born POTGIETER GT
1589 BOTHA, Elizabeth Jacomina Andriesa born PIETERSEN GT
1722 BOTHA, Gezina Johanna born LOUW GT
1111 BOTHA, Hugo Jacobus Rudolf GT
2292 BOTHA, Johan Samuel Frederik LS
419 BOTHA, John Ernest LS
388 BOTHA, Louisa Wilhelmina born MARAIS LS
2446 BOTHA, Michiel Coenraad LS
1076 BOTHA, Petrus Hendrik GT
1359 BOTHA, Philip Jacobus GT
1695 BOTHA, Pieter Barendse GT
149 BOTHA, Stoffel LS
1628 BOTHA, Theodorus Albertus GT
339 BOTHA, Thomas Ignatius LS
1969 BOTHA, Willem Petrus LS
1258 BOTHMA, Anna Catharina GT
708 BOTHMA, Johannes Jacobus LS
915 BOTHMA, Pieter GT
2442 BOUAH, Peter Edward LS
2705 BOUCHER, Joseph Priesthood LS
2032 BOUGHTON, William Alexander born in London, England LS
1633 BOULT, Lilian Maude born LIGHTBOWN GT
1520 BOUSFIELD, Frederic Charles GT
1880 BOUWER, Jan Andreas LS
1599 BOUWER, Jan Dirkse Johannes GT
2188 BOUWER, Jan Jacobus LS
1885 BOUWER, Johanna Catherine born STRAUSS LS
1369 BOWKER, Duncan Mitford Pringle GT
1388 BOWLES, Amelia Maria born NELSON GT
2627 BOWLES, Frank Allan LS
961 BOWREN, Mabel Jessie born BOND GT
1310 BRADSHAW, Percy Walter Wingham GT
692 BRANDES, Karel Andries LS
1822 BRANDT, Johannes Jacobus LS
2102 BRANDT, Ludwig Friedrich Karl LS
1349 BRASS, Emily Mary Ann born GERTENBACH GT
402 BRAUN, Franz Adam LS
556 BRAUN, Maria Emilie LS
603 BREETZKE, Hermann Friedrich Carl LS
1995 BREETZKE, Ida Auguste Mina born LANGE LS
828 BRERETON, Arthur Frederick GT
809 BRETT, Dorothea Caroline born HEYDENRYCH GT
1627 BRETT, Robert Stephen GT
2163 BREWIS, Jacoba Johanna Hendrika born ALBERTS LS
1128 BREWIS, Maria Elizabeth born VENTER GT
1530 BREYTENBACH, Daniel Hendrik GT
1210 BRICKNELL, Francis Charles Johnson GT
2247 BRIDGER, Richard George LS
632 BRIEN, Nellie born FELIX LS
2137 BRIGHT, Edward Joseph LS
1989 BRITNOR, Harold Edward LS
2366 BRITZ, Gert Conrelius Marthinus LS
179 BROCK, William LS
2458 BRODRICK, John LS
1348 BROION, George Banks GT
262 BROUXHON, Georges Adrien Henri LS
875 BROWN, Daniel Francis GT
1901 BROWN, Frank Eric LS
1777 BROWN, Harry Gordon LS
530 BROWN, Leslie John LS
1352 BROWN, Maggie formerly SCHOONEY GT
1206 BROWN, Margaret Vivian born WHITFIELD GT
2150 BROWN, William Thomas LS
686 BROWNE, Herbert Henry LS
863 BROWNE, Leonard GT
2050 BROWNE, Maria Johanna born LOURENS LS
2560 BROWNE, William Theodore Redmond LS
2500 BRUCE, James born in Scotland LS
221 BRUMMER, Frederik Jacobus LS
1421 BRUTON, Essy Imogene born WARE GT
66 BRUTON, Gilbert Wellesley LS
1576 BRYAN-HAYMES, Beatrice Louise born DEACON GT
59 BUBB, James Peter Hogan LS
2285 BUCKINGHAM, Roger Norman born in Wolverhampton, England LS
2027 BUCKLEY, Jessie Harmana Adriana born VAN DEEMTER LS
2325 BUDGEN, Edward Albert LS
327 BUHR, Ignatius Le Roux LS
2297 BUITENDAG, Maria Johanna born COETZEE LS
1483 BULWER, Cyril Edwin Earle GT
2592 BUNYARD, Maud Emma LS
1127 BURGER, August Martin GT
272 BURGER, Jacoba Petronella born MORRIS LS
2162 BURGER, Maria Catharina Helena born PRETORIUS LS
2445 BURGESS, Christian Hossack born SCOTT in Edinburgh, Scotland LS
1691 BURKE, Agnes Mary Theresa GT
1524 BURLS, Ralph Spellar GT
2662 BURNESS, Aaron James LS
1696 BURNHAMS, Frank Nelson GT
1514 BURNS, Cyril Michael GT
123 BURROWS, Mildred Gwen born MURRELL LS
810 BURTON, Constance born TURNER GT
497 BUSH, Arthur Alexander LS
1266 BUSSE, Herman Julius GT
637 BUSSIAHN, Albrecht Bogislav Waldemar LS
824 BUTLER, Alice Helena born LOBB GT
1133 BUTLER, Frederick William GT
1113 BUTON, Cecil George GT
1679 BUTT, Louisa Bertina born SMITH GT
1678 BUTT, Walter Llewellen GT
1958 BUTTLE, Lewis Edward Holloway LS
1244 BUTT-THOMPSON, Emily Caroline not recorded GT
1664 BUYS, Gert Adriaan GT
1685 BYARD, Fanny Elizabeth Lily GT
1702 BYDELL, Magdalena Maria GT
969 CALITZ, Anna Maria Catherina born BOSHOFF GT
1825 CAMERON, Jemima born LAMONT in Forfar, Scotland LS
584 CAMPBELL, David Roy LS
2307 CAMPBELL, Duncan John Edward LS
107 CAMPBELL, Jacoba Petronella born HAYWARD LS
1972 CAMPBELL, Janet Margaret [will only - Pretoria file] LS
1030 CAMPBELL, Mungo Forbes GT
2193 CAMPBELL, William Alexander LS
2422 CAMPHER, Rosie LS
98 CANCA, Meshack LS
2736 CANHAM, Lucy born DORKIN LS
792 CARELS, David Nicholas GT
1739 CARELS, Minnie Florence born SMITH GT
2283 CARELSE, Betjie born BOESAK LS
2454 CARELSE, Charlotte Janet born SNYMAN LS
1255 CAREY, Neville Cecil John GT
591 CARNEY, Elizabeth Magdalena born CROONEY LS
899 CAROLUS, Abraham Jacobus GT
136 CAROLUS, Michael LS
2234 CARROLL, Edward Martin LS
2365 CARRUTHERS, Irene Grace born WILSON LS
729 CARTER, Maynard Leber LS
58 CASSELS, Richard Dick LS
2339 CASTELING, Johanna Elizabeth born HAVENGA LS
1841 CASTLE, Roland George LS
835 CAUFMANN, Neville Herman Oliver GT
1847 CAULFIELD, Dorothea Debora born LUTTIG formerly FICK LS
1093 CAWOOD, Clement Miller GT
1019 CAWOOD, Daisy Elizabeth [no death notice - Cape Town file] born DELL GT
1497 CELLS, James Edwin GT
2384 CHANNING, Alice Sophia born AXLUND LS
1983 CHAPMAN, Annie Mary born REMINGTON in England LS
646 CHARD, Sybil Mary LS
1772 CHARTERS, Ina Maud born KUTCHER LS
555 CHAVANNES, Mary Fisher born MUIR LS
1867 CHEDZEY, Harry Melville LS
836 CHEESMAN, Harold GT
1062 CHEMALY, Joseph Henry GT
1782 CHERRY, David LS
1843 CHERRY, Johannah Jacoba born BELLINGAN LS
2262 CHESNEY, Clement Hope Rawdon born in Dagshar, India LS
2433 CHISHOLM, Edmund Peter LS
2033 CHITTENDEN, Mary Ann LS
783 CHOONARA, Ahmed Ebrahim LS
2415 CHOWLES, Charles Oswald LS
878 CHRISTIE, Thomas George GT
1398 CHRISTOPHELS, Rachel [no documents - Cape Town file] GT
860 CIAMPA, Albert Anthony GT
54 CILLIERS, Gert Wilhelm LS
60 CILLIERS, Johanna Katrina born BARLOW LS
237 CLAASENS, William LS
2177 CLAASSEN, Elizabeth born VAN DER MERWE LS
892 CLAASSEN, Hendrik Daniel Jacobus GT
2572 CLAASSEN, Maria LS
133 CLACK, Henry Charles LS
2209 CLARENCE, Ray Everard LS
1572 CLARK, Anna Jacomina Catharina born NAUDE GT
1460 CLARK, Clement Frederick GT
450 CLARK, Edith Lilian born McLEAN LS
535 CLARK, Ethel Florence  born BECKLEY LS
2040 CLARK, William born in Bristol, England LS
2274 CLARKSON, John Henry LS
805 CLASSEN, Frederick Jacobus GT
144 CLASSENS or CLAASSENS, James Andrew LS
2688 CLAYTON, Jonathan Maurice LS
1027 CLEMONS, Martha Magdalena born VENTER GT
815 CLIFTON, Louisa Martha born BOYS GT
2490 CLOETE, Claudina Helena born NEL LS
1754 CLOETE, Gert Christian Johannes GT
2203 CLOETE, Pieter Aemilius LS
1051 CLOETE, Seabatiaan Daniel GT
1682 COCK, Edith Africanae GT
2697 COCKCROFT, Auguste Johanna Louise born AXEL LS
167 COCKCROFT, Hermina Jacobus born BOTHA, formerly TROLLIP LS
325 COCKCROFT, Ivy May born SMITH LS
900 COCKRAM, Annie born BANNER GT
974 CODD, Lydia Elizabeth Bland born RICHARDS GT
674 COETSEE, Fredrika Johanna born BOTHA LS
2624 COETSEE, Hester Salomina born LA GRANGE LS
331 COETSEE, Martha Magdalena born COETSEE LS
1047 COETSER, Nicolina Jacoba born OELOFSEN GT
443 COETZEE, Aletta Johanna Maria born VAN DER WALT LS
1367 COETZEE, Anna Catharina born COETZEE GT
141 COETZEE, Anna Helena LS
2254 COETZEE, Anna Maria born VENTER LS
1056 COETZEE, Anna Tobia Jacoba born LOUW GT
1716 COETZEE, Christiaan Lourens Ferdinand GT
2595 COETZEE, Cornelia Dorethia born COETZEE LS
925 COETZEE, Delina Johanna born OELOFSE GT
55 COETZEE, Emmerenske Fredrika born KOTZE LS
1171 COETZEE, Francina Petronella born VAN HEERDEN GT
2132 COETZEE, Frederick Hendrik LS
1928 COETZEE, Frederick Jacobus Myburg LS
1810 COETZEE, Hendrik Johannes Jacob LS
1011 COETZEE, Hester Catharina Maria Petronella born PELSER GT
1455 COETZEE, Izak Stephanus Marais GT
1459 COETZEE, Jan Ernst GT
1293 COETZEE, Jeanetta Wilhelmina Margaretha born BLOM GT
2630 COETZEE, Johannes Cornelius LS
1536 COETZEE, Michael Coenraad GT
2115 COETZEE, Nicolaas Francois LS
1198 COETZEE, Petrus Jacobus GT
2718 COETZEE, Pieter Jakobus LS
977 COETZEE, Sarah Catharina born BOTHA GT
187 COETZEE, Willem Christian LS
703 COETZER, Abraham Carl LS
1168 COETZER, Aletta Cecilia born DE LANGE GT
134 COETZER, Andries Stephanus LS
846 COETZER, Anna Paulina Du Plessis born SCHOEMAN GT
2251 COETZER, Helena Claudina born ROUX LS
2482 COETZER, Ockert Johanne Martinus Francois LS
847 COETZER, Pieter Willem GT
1067 COETZER, Sarel Johannes GT
2000 COETZER, Stephanus Cornelius LS
2076 COETZER, Wentzel Christoffel LS
1690 COGLE, Cecil GT
1697 COHEN, Gertrude Ethel born MAGNUS GT
425 COLE, Kathleen Jane born CLOKE LS
1239 COLEMAN, John Alton GT
949 COLLETT, Clara Jane born DIXON GT
951 COLLETT, James Alexander GT
2006 COLLIER, Frank Howard born in Rochdale, Lancashire, UK LS
2268 COLLING, Geroge Brundsdon Kolo LS
21 COLLINS, Mabel Eleanor born MORLEY LS
2267 COLLOCOTTT, Alfred Simon LS
2488 COLTMAN, Hilda Elizabeth born COPEMAN LS
43 COLTMAN, William James LS
1605 COMBRINK, Andries Johannes GT
1154 COMLEY, Matthew Henry GT
712 CONE, Johanna Cathrena La Grange LS
302 CONNELLAN, James Alphonsus LS
2183 CONRADIE, Catharina LS
1638 CONSTABLE, Ivy Ann born LEVEY GT
1815 COOKE, Donovan Gardiner LS
615 COOPER, Charlotte Helene born KEENAN LS
1721 COPEMAN, Cornelia Agatha GT
247 COPPENS, Rosalia Maria born DE SMET LS
2455 COPPIN, Annie born RANDALL LS
1471 CORDEROY, Hewson Baron GT
2217 CORNELL, Herbert Erskine LS
2617 CORSON, William LS
796 CORY, Gertrude born BLADES GT
2694 CORY, John Newhouse LS
1631 COSSIE, Martha [no documents] GT
2346 COTTERRELL, Harry Wallace LS
1612 COTTY, Frank Feltham GT
2400 COULTER, Elfreda Grace or Freda LS
2011 COULTER, Nina Constance Irene born WEARE LS
1357 COUTTS, Alexander Donald GT
2373 COVE, Sidney Evans born in Salcombe, England LS
1042 COVENTRY, John MC L.D. GT
2493 COVENTRY, Margaret Campbell Rankin born ORR, in Scotland LS
1569 COWAN, Ada Mansfield born HILTON GT
48 COWIE, Jessie LS
2256 COWX, William Frederick LS
2739 COX, Violet Laura born ROBINSON LS
1568 COY, Grace Dorothy born VAN HOOGSTRATEN GT
1401 CRAGG, Louise Johanna born SCHENKTE GT
2399 CRAIB, Andrew Murray LS
1131 CRAIG, Janet Nesbit GT
246 CRAILL, Harold LS
2417 CREFFIELD, Ethel Jane born TARHAM LS
840 CRESSWELL, Warneford Estcourt GT
1826 CRICHTON, David born in Glasgow, Scotland LS
131 CRONSHAW, William Nicol LS
942 CROOKALL, John Henry GT
389 CROOKS, Winifred Irene [will only] born PARKIN LS
37 CROSS, Maria Magdalena born HAMMAN LS
1407 CROSSMAN, Anna Susan not recorded GT
174 CROTZ, Dorothy Josephine LS
69 CROUS, Hester Jacoba born NEL LS
1405 CROUSE, Helena Catharina Dorothea GT
609 CROUSE, Jacomina Wentzel LS
896 CROUSE, Jacqueline born DE VILLIERS GT
570 CROUSE, Olivia Mary Anne born GILLESPIE LS
839 CROWHURST, Constance Stewart GT
1774 CRUICKSHANK, James Newton LS
1971 CRUTCHLEY, Harry LS
1733 CUDDUMBY, Persuraman Willie GT
2045 CUDMORE, Patrick Joseph LS
1041 CUFF, Emily Blanche Una born MANDY GT
2348 CULLEN, Sonia Edith Grace born GALLOWAY LS
2323 CUMMING, Percy LS
2012 CUNNINGHAM, Annie Elizabeth born LEBER LS
1195 CUNNINGHAM, Dudley GT
94 CURREY, John Mackarness LS
1050 CURRIE, Ian Gray GT
1517 CURRIN, Llewellyn Cecil GT
26 CUSENS, Douglas Endicott LS
1594 CUTHBERT, Minerva Gladys born BRITNOR GT
777 CUTTER, Daniel Henry Victor LS
1761 DALBOCK, Sylvia Elizabeth born PIENKE GT
989 DAMANT, Douglas Edward GT
1098 DAMANT, Margaretha Maria born VAN HUYSSTEEN GT
1563 DAMES, Hendrik Daniel Petrus GT
2082 DAMONS, Annie Florence born BROWN LS
2382 DANIEL, Ethel Janet born LINTON LS
808 DANIEL, Robert D'Egville GT
571 DANIELL, Grace Collier born SOUTHEY LS
575 DANIELL, Wallace Royan LS
2423 DANIELS, Benjamin Frederick LS
699 DANIELS, Susan born MUTSI LS
2448 DANN, Robert William LS
2711 DARE, Archibald LS
928 DARK, Kathleen Evelyn Annie born GRAY GT
2123 DARLOW, Margaret Elizabeth born LADBROOK LS
2214 DART, Louisa Ann born HILL LS
73 DAVENPORT, Charles Henry LS
2402 DAVENPORT, Mary Jane born MOORE LS
830 DAVERIN, John Cedric GT
2047 DAVIDS, Zacharias or Zacharia LS
1313 DAVIE, James Robert GT
1709 DAVIES, Albert Maynard GT
1174 DAVIES, Constance Edna born TIMM GT
1059 DAVIES, Richard Francis GT
1501 DAWSON, Thomas Jeremias GT
2180 DE BEER, Anna Elizabeth born BASSON LS
319 DE BEER, Anna Johanna Magdalena [will only] born BOSCH LS
78 DE BEER, Catharina Adriana born PRETORIUS LS
382 DE BEER, David Hendrik Jacobus LS
2626 DE BEER, Esaias Engelbertus LS
2501 DE BEER, Hendrik Cornelis LS
330 DE BEER, Johanna Sophia born VAN WYK LS
967 DE BEER, Johannes Lodewickus GT
1129 DE BEER, Maria Johanna Gertruida born KING GT
2450 DE BEER, Muriel born OOSTHUYSEN LS
11 DE BEER, Wilhelmina Cecilla [no Death Notice] born DU PLESSIS LS
14 DE BEER, Zacharias [no Death Notice] LS
1419 DE BRUIN, Johannes Lodewikus GT
2369 DE BRUYN, Catharina Gesina born GOOSEN formerly BOTHA LS
27 DE BRUYN, Izak Benjamin LS
2237 DE BRUYN, Wilhelmina Magdalena born SNYMAN LS
2568 DE BRUYN, Willem Adriaan LS
1512 DE JAGER, Johannes Jurgens GT
358 DE JAGER, Johannes Petrus LS
2371 DE KLERK DEKLERK, William Andries LS
477 DE KLERK, Anna Sophia born COETSEE LS
1799 DE KLERK, Elizabeth born CUMMINGS LS
946 DE KLERK, Izak Zirk GT
440 DE KLERK, Marthinus Johannes LS
2486 DE KOCK, Daniel Jacobus LS
2344 DE KOCK, Gertrude [Cape Town file] LS
2473 DE LA HARPE, Frederick Charles LS
2015 DE LANGE, Anna Cathrina born HAYWOOD LS
1453 DE LANGE, Christina Catherina born KRIEDEMANN GT
2586 DE LANGE, Dina Johanna Adriana born STEYN LS
1323 DE LANGE, Elizabeth Maria born BOTHA GT
2517 DE LANGE, Gert Marthinus LS
1718 DE LANGE, Helena Maria born KRUGER GT
2732 DE LANGE, Hendrina Maria born BOTHA LS
736 DE LANGE, Nicholas Pieter LS
1068 DE LANGE, Petrus Jacobus GT
2477 DE SWARDT, Hester Magdalena born STOFBERG LS
1939 DE VILLIERS, Annette Jeanne Drot born BRINK LS
165 DE VILLIERS, Gustav Pieter LS
433 DE VILLIERS, Pieter Jan Albertus LS
2322 DE WET, Jacobus Felix Louis LS
2742 DE WET, Philppus Rudolph LS
856 DE WILZEM, Kathleen Mary born DELPORT GT
2475 DEERY, Johanna Maria Margaret born TOBIN formerly SAVORY & CAIRNCROSS LS
1086 DELAZA, Zondani GT
2330 DELPORT, Edith Elizabeth born PLOETZ LS
2083 DELPORT, Helena Catharina born CLAASSEN LS
1669 DELPORT, Jacobus Johannes GT
2093 DELPORT, Karel Jacobus LS
837 DELPORT, Simon Stephanus GT
30 DEMAAR, Elizabeth Betty born MARTINUS LS
42 DENNING, Thomas Hilton Seymour LS
1792 DENT, Richard Frederick born in Darlington, England LS
1557 DERMAN, Sidney GT
344 DESPA, Jenny Marie Mathilde formerly MIGNOT LS
2042 DEUSS, Johannes Wilhelmus born in Holland LS
1396 DEVINE, Louisa not recorded GT
401 DEWING, Clifford Cyril LS
2114 DEYSEL, Gabriel Johannes LS
1291 DEYSEL, Hendrika Jacoba born VORSTER GT
612 DEYSEL, Marthinus Albertus LS
1881 DHANA, Jeewa born in India LS
2148 DICK, Andrew LS
1147 DICK, David Robert William GT
650 DICKIE, Iris Catherine born THOMAS LS
341 DICKS, Michael Stephen LS
1213 DIPPENAAR, Johannes Marthinus GT
2494 DIRKERS, Eva LS
593 DIXON, Alice Victoria born DREDGE LS
1689 DIXON, Henry Jarrold GT
1075 DIXON, Louisa Emily born FARLEY GT
227 DLAMBULO, Boboyi LS
2296 DOBROWSKY, Theodore Frantz LS
1834 DOBSON, Dorothy Ida LS
617 DOBSON, Edward Charles LS
16 DODDS, David LS
1550 DOLPHIN, Dina Elizabeth born PIENAAR GT
1 DONIAN, Louisa Elizabeth born WILLMERS LS
1676 DONOGHUE, Edith Gladys born DEVITT GT
1119 DOORN, Anna born BOTHA GT
1446 DORAN, James Bowler GT
1757 DORFLING, David Zacharias GT
2046 DORGAN, Richard Arthur LS
2144 DORIGATTI, Maddalena born BRIOSI in Bolognia, Italy LS
1829 DORMER, John Matthew LS
550 DOYLE, Fenning William Dawson LS
1170 DRAKE, Louis Frank GT
424 DREDGE, Charles Joseph LS
1674 DRENNAN, Winifred Avis born KENT GT
1434 DROTSKIE, Petrus Jacobus GT
821 DRYDEN, Oliver Campbell GT
2184 DRYSEL, Isabella LS
2651 DU BUISSON, Marthinus Gert Thomas LS
70 DU PISANIE, Andries Matthys LS
2172 DU PLESSIS, Alwyn Francois LS
2514 DU PLESSIS, Jean Joubert LS
2528 DU PLESSIS, Johanna Fredericka born RENSBURG LS
2469 DU PLESSIS, Johanna Fredericka Elizabeth born VAN DEN BERG LS
360 DU PLESSIS, Johanna Magdalena born NAUDE LS
2609 DU PLESSIS, Johannes Petrus LS
2054 DU PLESSIS, Matthys Hendrick LS
831 DU PLESSIS, Philippus Daniel GT
1905 DU PLOOY, Abraham Gert Willem LS
1245 DU PLOOY, Christiaan Stephanus GT
2726 DU PREEZ, Andries Hendrik LS
1148 DU PREEZ, Cornelia Maria Sebastena born VAN ROOYEN GT
2277 DU PREEZ, Cornelius Johannes LS
2577 DU PREEZ, Daniel Josef LS
1468 DU PREEZ, Gerhardus Ignatius GT
1680 DU PREEZ, Gert Cornelius Jeremias GT
2704 DU PREEZ, Helena Francina born WILMOT LS
2613 DU PREEZ, Hendrik Willem LS
2228 DU PREEZ, Hercules Jacobus LS
983 DU PREEZ, Izak Abraham GT
1830 DU PREEZ, Jacoba Scheepers born VAN ROOYEN LS
1809 DU PREEZ, Johanna Maria born PIENAAR LS
1864 DU PREEZ, Lorna Louise born HOFFMAN LS
633 DU PREEZ, Petrus Cornelis LS
624 DU PREEZ, Phillipus Jacobus Koekemoer LS
1469 DU PREEZ, Samuel Rowe GT
927 DU PREEZ, Susarah Johanna Katherina born MEIRING GT
640 DU RAND, Jan Jacobus Christoffel LS
413 DU TOIT, Anna Juliana Elizabeth LS
2525 DU TOIT, Kathleen Joyce     LS
2202 DU TOIT, Ockert Johannes Frederick LS
2599 DU TOIT, Sophia Margaretha born BUCKLEY LS
1190 DUFFIELD, Ernest Edward GT
104 DUGMORE, Dorothy Gertrude born PURDON LS
1279 DUNCAN, James George Henderson GT
1763 DUNKLEY, George Arthur GT
600 DURRHEIM, Joseph Eduard LS
695 EASTMAN, Ella Aletta born BOTHA LS
694 EASTON, Annie born METCALFE LS
885 ECKARD, Bain Lindstrom GT
886 ECKARDT, Rebecca born HUMAN GT
747 ECKLEY, Vivian LS
2233 EDELSON, Lazer born in Lithuania LS
732 EDELSTEIN, Henry Hyam LS
400 EDMONDS, Richard Edward Pell LS
1057 EHLERS, Ernest Edward GT
1188 ELLIOTT, Alma Thomas GT
2302 ELLIOTT, Edgar Charles LS
806 ELLIOTT, Emily Ernestine born RANDALL GT
2534 ELLIOTT, Gladys Muriel LS
1123 ELLIOTT, Leonard Rushworth GT
763 ELLIOTT, Thomas Edward Robert LS
2464 ELLIOT-WILSON, Clarence George LS
506 ELLIS, John William Henry LS
1778 ELS, Cecilia Danelina Maria born JANSE VAN RENSBURG LS
1482 ELS, Christian Arnoldus GT
889 ELS, Ellie Sophia Adriana born STRYDOM GT
2608 ELS, Jacobus Andries born ELS LS
1240 EMSLIE, Amy Norman born EMSLIE GT
2081 ENGELAND, Jacobus [empty - Cape Town file] LS
1317 ENGELBRECHT, Gerhardus Simon Christoffel GT
1337 ENGELBRECHT, Hermanus Petrus Johannes GT
1316 ENGELBRECHT, Johanna Elizabeth born GOOSEN GT
24 ENGELBRECHT, Johannes Jurgens LS
873 ENGLE, John Arnold GT
379 ERASMUS, Aletta Catharina born GERMISHUIZEN, formerly KRUGER LS
282 ERASMUS, Anna Francina Magalena born PIEK LS
459 ERASMUS, Elsie Johanna [will only] born ENGELBRECHT LS
380 ERASMUS, Gert Jacobus LS
1723 ERASMUS, Jan Adam Gerhardus GT
1192 ERASMUS, Johanna Cornelia GT
2590 ERASMUS, Johannes Dalgarno LS
562 ERASMUS, Lawrence Johannes LS
412 ERASMUS, Louisa Murtina born ERASMUS LS
952 ERASMUS, Martha Maria born HAMILTON GT
704 ERASMUS, Willem Jacobus LS
2055 ERICKSON, Denis Wilson Haddock LS
924 ESMEYER, Jan Hendrik GT
2029 ESPIN, Cyril Espinell LS
2057 ESSELAAR, Johanna Hendrika born WEITEKAMP in Amsterdam, Holland LS
2508 Estate file 898 / 63 PAMLA, Theoplulis Ngobizembe LS
2444 EVANS, Frederick William born in Wolverton, England LS
723 EVANS, Sidney Flowers LS
1823 EVANS, Thomas Richard LS
2240 EVATT, Ivy Lilian born SCHLEY LS
270 EVENS, Harry Fred LS
1701 EVERY, Jessie Selina born WILMOT GT
23 EYRE, Jean Hamilton LS
462 FANN, Robert Edward Heighinton LS
525 FEDDER, Rebecca Matilda Augusta born KRUG LS
2279 FELIX, Cornelis Petrus LS
2287 FELIX, Jacob LS
2194 FELIX, Philip William LS
316 FENWICK, Janet Brown born HARLEY LS
1454 FERGUSON, Mary Sommerville born PATERSON GT
2676 FERREIRA, Evelyn Marthinus LS
750 FERREIRA, Hendrik Mathys LS
1262 FERREIRA, Hester Jacoba born GRUNDLING GT
1941 FERREIRA, John Hippert LS
1511 FERREIRA, John Stephen GT
19 FERREIRA, Magrieta Louisa born RENS LS
1496 FERREIRA, Nicolaas Marthinus GT
568 FERREIRA, Thomas Ignatius LS
1386 FERREIRA, Thomas Ignatius GT
1561 FIGLAN, Gordon George GT
859 FILLIS, Dora born VAS GT
1366 FILLIS, James GT
867 FILLIS, Petrus GT
308 FINCHAM, Mary Ismena LS
2633 FINKLER, Sallie Francina born FOURIE LS
1025 FINLAYSON, Alan Duncan GT
1122 FINLAYSON, Sidney Clive GT
2703 FINN, Walter Benjamin LS
678 FISCHER, Amelia Caroline Bowker LS
2329 FISHER, Charles James LS
185 FISHER, George William LS
1072 FISHER, Martha Petronella born BOTHA GT
2427 FITCHET, Elizabeth Mary born CLOKE in UK formerly WALSH LS
2294 FLEETWOOD, Anna Maria born GERICKE LS
135 FLEMMER, Oswald Nolan LS
1424 FLESCH, Peter Richard GT
592 FLETCHER, Catherine Frere Cron born CRON-WRIGHT LS
2360 FLETCHER, Horace Clayton LS
1242 FORBES, Alexander Ferreira GT
2303 FORBES, Robert Smith LS
1274 FORREST, Louis Lawson GT
844 FORREST, William GT
614 FORTEIN, Bosman LS
1169 FORTUIN, Marthinus Matthews GT
118 FOUCHE, Elizabeth Maria Magdalena born BOTHA, formerly DU PLESSIS LS
2686 FOUCHE, James Cecil John LS
2312 FOUR, Tung born in China LS
735 FOURIE, Albertus Stephanus Abraham LS
1218 FOURIE, Anthonie Theunis Christoffel GT
2672 FOURIE, Christian Lourens LS
1713 FOURIE, Jacobus Petrus GT
112 FOURIE, Peter LS
356 FOURIE, Stevanes Johannes  LS
2425 FOURIE, Susarah Johanna born SWART LS
2248 FOURIE, Vivian LS
959 FOX, Sophia Elizabeth born PIKE GT
2715 FOXCROFT, Eric Bertram LS
155 FOXCROFT, Francis Maud born HAYTER LS
222 FRANCIS, Athol William LS
744 FRANCIS, Gladys born WALKER LS
719 FRANKS, Abraham Joseph LS
2489 FRANS, John Christopher born in Cookhouse, SA LS
329 FRASER, Margaret Ann LS
854 FRASER, Norman Long GT
1143 FRAUENSTEIN, Rosa Wilhelmine Elizabeth born PETER GT
996 FRAZER, Donald Henry GT
369 FREEMAN, John Furze LS
1937 FREEMANTLE, Nellie Florence Maud born ROUSE LS
2708 FRIER, Daphne Iris born KEMP LS
2570 FRITZLAR, Lina Elizabeth born FROEBE LS
2746 FROST, Catherine Hendrika born VAN DALEN LS
2278 FROST, James Cornelis LS
543 FUTTER, Richard Robert LS
648 GABADA, Edmund LS
664 GADD, Montague Ernest LS
1751 GAFNEY, Mildred Florence born HARDEN GT
1658 GAIR, John Simpson Walker GT
514 GALLAGHER, Henry Joseph LS
1726 GALLANT, William GT
1486 GANGAT, Adam Mahomed GT
1470 GARDINER, Willie Dorrell GT
2295 GARNER, Emma Florence born RICHARDS in Leyton, London LS
1708 GARNER, Nelly GT
911 GARVIE, Thomas Bonnar GT
2143 GAST, Mildred Rebecca born ARCHER in Aintree, UK LS
1238 GATYENI, Ferdinand Bangiso GT
1391 GAYLARD, Bruce Errol GT
2355 GEEL, Frederick Jacobus LS
1818 GEHRIG, Frank Phillip born in Clarenstown, Australia LS
1286 GELDENHUYS, Hendrik Andries GT
1441 GELDENHUYS, Johannes Jacobus GT
1535 GELDERBLOEM, Sebastian Rothman GT
1350 GELL, Kate born ROSENTHAL GT
1773 GERBER, Jacobus Johannes LS
1492 GERBER, Margaretha Hendrika born OLIVIER GT
1438 GERBRAND, Margeuritte Consey born DE VILLIERS GT
209 GERICKE, Lilian Doris born NEWMAN LS
826 GERNETZKY, Bertha Elizabeth Mary born GRUNEWALD GT
238 GERNETZKY, Richard Friedrich LS
1052 GERTENBACH, Gidius Zeeman Jozef GT
1919 GESWINT, Andries LS
1835 GEYER, Martha Susanna born BOOYSEN LS
1332 GEZWIND, Stephen GT
2204 GIBBON, Douglas Braidwood LS
1109 GIBBS, Sebastian Henry GT
1870 GIBSON, Ernest James LS
1046 GIBSON, Harold Claude Pearce GT
394 GIBSON, Mildred Edith born PREDDY LS
1345 GIDDY, Cecil Charles GT
483 GILL, Kurt LS
999 GILMORE, Emmerentia Magdalena born OOSTHUIZEN GT
1741 GLASS, Thomas Uriah GT
1259 GLEAVES, Thomas William GT
1179 GLEN-LEARY, Frank GT
1061 GLENNIE, Ronald Eugene GT
526 GODDARD, Cecil McEwan LS
2265 GODDARD, Harold Napier LS
33 GODDARD, Vera Alice born WILSON LS
1105 GODWIN, Minnie Kolo born COLLING GT
1760 GOETZSCHE, Dorothy Frances GT
1102 GOLDSELLER, Israel Fred GT
1356 GOLDSTEIN, Thomas GT
2641 GOLIGHTLY, Edith Mary born SHORTEN LS
2367 GOODFORD, John Frank LS
2121 GOODMAN, Daisy Deborah born DeSOLLA in London, UK LS
309 GOODMAN, Rose Frances born MARTINS LS
1952 GOOSEN, Arie LS
932 GOOSEN, Maria Petronella born LOMBARD GT
1824 GOOSEN, Sarah Helena born BOTHA LS
2543 GOOSEN, Stephanus George LS
2496 GOUGH, William Patrick LS
1532 GOUS, Maria Magdalena born OLWAGE GT
743 GOUWS, Benjamin Cornelius LS
2457 GOUWS, Johan Christiaan LS
1091 GOUWS, Johannes Gideon Andries GT
1403 GOUWS, Johannes Petrus GT
864 GOUWS, Martha Johanna Petronella born FEREIRA GT
2056 GOUWS, Raymond LS
976 GOUWS, Stephanus Wilhelm Petrus Cornelius GT
474 GOVIND, Kashi LS
2210 GOWAR, Evelyn Grace born HOCKEY LS
988 GRACE, Joffre GT
154 GRACIE, Martha Jessie born KIESER LS
1224 GRAFTON, William Phillip Newman GT
364 GRAHAM, Helena born GREEN LS
1736 GRANT, Charles GT
2337 GRANT, Rose Emily born WEEDON LS
979 GRATZ, Johann Carl George GT
2342 GRAVE, Evelyn Annie [PMB file] born HADLEY LS
1595 GRAY, Elizabeth Innes born CRAIG GT
2159 GRAY, Emerson Swanson LS
2331 GRAY, Matilda born HOWE in Bristol, England LS
220 GRAY, Matthew LS
778 GRAY, Selwyn George LS
758 GREEFF, Aletta Susanna born WEIDEMAN LS
1567 GREEFF, Gert Stephanus GT
691 GREEFF, Hester Maria LS
757 GREEFF, Jan Hendrik LS
1738 GREEN, Amy Leonora GT
456 GREEN, Athol Gerald LS
2639 GREEN, Bertha Wilhelmina born KRAEMER LS
1606 GREEN, Florence Mary bron REES GT
91 GREEN, George John LS
2526 GREEN, Matilda born PIEL LS
1852 GREEN, Maude Mary Elizabeth born SUTHERLAND LS
1930 GREEN, Mildred Mary LS
13 GREEN, Ronald Wilfred LS
1112 GREEN, William Henry GT
1769 GREGORY, Ada Emma born HEWITT LS
661 GRELLERT, Lizzie born HUGHES LS
2439 GRENFELL, Melodie Olwen Carolise born EVANS LS
1427 GREWAR, John GT
138 GREWAR, Susan Francis LS
1445 GREYLING, Carranantes GT
1233 GREYLING, Ludwig Kribbs GT
558 GREYLING, Petronella Aletta born HATTINGH LS
277 GREYLING, Susanna Catharina Marthina born HENNING LS
2266 GREYVENSTEIN, Abraham Johannes Hendrik LS
855 GREYVENSTEIN, Daniel Johannes GT
1036 GREYVENSTEIN, Dorothy Maria Susanna born CHEZE GT
1521 GREYVENSTEIN, Orrock Noel GT
2023 GRIEB, Friedrich Wilhelm LS
75 GRIEVE, Malvina born FETTES LS
100 GRIFFIN, Catherine born NOLAN LS
2510 GROBBELAAR, Frederick Curtis LS
1994 GROBBELAAR, Michiel Coenraad LS
2201 GROBBELAAR, Olivia Sophia born MULLER LS
498 GROBLER, Anna Jacoba born VICTOR LS
268 GROBLER, Cornelia Aletta Elizabeth Wilhelmina born CONRADIE LS
1935 GROBLER, Cornelius Johannes LS
1986 GROBLER, Cornelius Petrus LS
720 GROBLER, Gert Cornelius LS
1010 GROBLER, Johannes Hermanus GT
2089 GROBLER, John Dirkse LS
2479 GROENER, Elizabeth born WILLIAMS LS
442 GRUNDLING, Jan Petrus LS
273 GRUNDLING, Johan Petrus LS
88 GUITON, Phillip Andrew LS
2178 GUNGULUZA, Willie Frolick LS
345 GUNN, Walter Clement LS
1167 GUNSTON, Maria Sophia born KNOESEN GT
2003 GUSH, Margaret Eliza born MATTEHWS LS
2338 GWIJI, Jane born GOMO in Qumbu LS
2343 GWIJI, Samuel [will only] LS
2507 GXAGXISA, Ernest LS
294 GXEKWA, Menziwa LS